Could Machines Really Takeover Like in The Matrix or Terminator Movies?

How prepared are you to come face to face with your robot overlords?  For years we have seen this scenario play out in the movies, from the “Matrix” trilogy to an endless line of “Terminator” pictures and television serials.  Many expert computer scientists believe that this idea is not as imaginary as it may sound.

No, you won’t be donning a trenchcoat and a badass pair of sunglasses and entering and a computer construct built by machines using your body as a battery so you can fight computer programs anytime during your lifetime (unless we figure out immortality in your lifetime but that’s another discussion) but as the old saying goes, just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.    The reality could be far more frightening and far more efficient at eliminating people.

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3 Futuristic inventions we want right now

Back in the 1930s, the very popular Buck Rogers comic books would portray life in the futuristic year 2419.  Pictures of men in space suits and flying rocket ships were considered to be a very distant 500 years away.  Who knew that only 30 or 35 years later we would be landing on the moon?


Then in the 1960s we started seeing television shows like Star Trek and Lost in Space, futuristic space shows that depicted holograms, flying jet packs, and funny looking mechanical robots that fought our battles and took care of a lot of our daily chores.  Many of us have been anxiously awaiting the arrivals of these new inventions ever since and are becoming increasingly frustrated by their lack of availability even though we are far into the new millennium.

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Best inventions of the 2000’s (so far)

When you look at the total number of people who have walked this Big Blue Marble that we call “Planet Earth”, there are only a handful of us who have been lucky enough to live through the dawning of a new millennium.  And the 2000’s really hit with a bang, giving up some of the most innovative contraptions and gadgetry that inventors could imagine.  

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How long until we have a sentient computer?

How far away is the possibility of artificial intelligence?  Many of today’s top scientists and engineers believe that it is right around the corner, straight from the pages of a Michael Crichton novel.  Yes, we might have sentient computers in our midst within our lifetime.  But then again, maybe not.  It depends on who you ask.


John Holland, professors of psychology, electrical engineering and computer science at the world-class University of Michigan believes that the evolving of sentient machines is entirely possible, but we still have a few decades before a Terminator machine shows up on our doorstep with an uzi.  (and don’t be silly, they won’t really use uzi’s – it’s malicious nanobots that should probably keep you up at night)

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5 Ways Technology Is Improving Agriculture

As the global population continues to increase at a rather rapid pace, the need for the growing of more food and in a much more cost-effective manner is leading to many technological improvements in the agricultural industry, particularly in regards to the farming of wheat, corn, and soybeans.  Even though we need to grow more and more food, the amount of land on which to farm is actually decreasing in acreage.  Essentially, technology is making it possible for us to grow more food on less land.  Here are the top five ways in which technology is improving agriculture.

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